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Recruitment rules

Recruitment rules for paid courses of Polish  at POLLANDO

I.    Recruitment

1.    Courses are open to all interested foreigners, regardless of their prior education.
2.    Recruitment lasts the whole year and stops one week before one-semester courses and two weeks before summer courses. The courses begin as follows:
– summer courses begin in summer semester
– autumn courses begin in winter semester
– summer courses begin in July
3.    For current recruitment details visit our website – pollando.uwb.pl
4.    Please, complete the necessary steps to apply.
– fill in the application form
– send (e-mail, fax) or deliver the form to the secretary’s office
5.    The minimum number of students per group is 10. Should the number be lower, the School will present applicants with an alternative offer.

II.    Requirements

1.    It is necessary to confirm the payment terms in the secretary’s office before the course starts.
2.    Bank account number: 86 1160 2202 0000 0000 6000 1031
Uniwersytet w Białymstoku
15-328 Białystok
ul. Świerkowa 20B
Please, add “POLLANDO”, and give your first name and surname in transfer name. For international transfers give the bank name “Bank Millenium”  and “ BIG PB LPW”.
3.    The course price does not include course textbooks.

III.    Lesson organization

1.    Courses are taught by the University staff; other teachers are approved by the Dean of the Philology Department.
2.    Lessons are taught in the afternoon (after 17:00), Monday-Friday.
3.    Lessons take place in the Philology Department building. In exceptional situations other classrooms may be offered.
4.    One class hour lasts 45 minutes.
5.    For more details visit our website pollando.uwb.edu.pl, or the School secretary’s office.
6.    Applicants who join the groups after the course has started, pay for the number of hours left.

IV.    Completing the course

1.    All learners will receive a course certificate provided they have at least 50% attendance and fulfilled other requirements.
2.    Learners who drop out during the course do not receive a certificate, regardless of the number of classes completed.

V.    Resignation and reimbursment of payment

1.    Resignation can be accepted only in the written form.
2.    In the case of written resignation before the course starts, full charge (reduced by bank transfer fee) will be returned.
3.    In the case of written resignation after the course has started, the charge returned is reduced by the cost of the lasses completed and bank transfer fee.
4.    Details of payment conditions are included in the contract between the School and applicant.

Recruitment and requirements, School of Polish Language and Culture POLLANDO >>> download file